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The company has always been adhering to the "people-oriented, human resource, human dynamic" of personnel management concept, relying on the "East Swiss aluminum," very strong advantages and training of human resources experience, that talent is the real driving force of enterprise development, pointed out: "so-called business business is human resources management, "" the interests of staff above all else, be kind to all staff "thinking.

First, meritocratic energy, meritocracy, applying their knowledge and overall development. The spirit of "the length of employment, tolerate the short" principle, for each employee to find the most suitable positions, but also for each post to find the most suitable staff;

Secondly, to strengthen training and learning. Provide training to staff learning opportunities, and take the road of learning-oriented business development, some of middle and senior management personnel also participated in the MBA management courses on various levels of staff and timely charge. Pairs of pre-job, transfer, training is even more stringent requirements to ensure that qualified for job openings, and plans to send some outstanding employees each year to Taiwan, Japan and Europe and the United States and other regions and countries outside the advanced study tour of large enterprises.

Third, the full decentralization, their talent was fully utilized. Follow the "move-pei synchronization, internal and external combination of both ability and integrity," the guiding ideology, to the staff performing stage and development opportunities. Enterprises ready to receive the staff rationalization proposals, businesses and employees interact to form a company to treat employees and workers who love a good business climate;

Fourth, to create a rigorous program management and peoples initiative a combination of environment and atmosphere, through a variety of ways to build employee pride and inspire enthusiasm for work;

Fifth, care for our staff work and life, adhere to the "respect, trust, understanding and" principle, the young people feel there are dry head. In the "people-oriented" enterprise culture under the influence of an incentive for each employee, "self-reliance, love of plants dedication, pioneering spirit, cooperation and dedication," will be the hearts of all staff tightly together for the enterprise, and create greater value for society .

At the same time we are practicing "clearly define the roles, can place in line, pay reasonable" management approach and post competitive selection mechanism, through internal and external selection of active personnel Jingpin sediment layer, and outstanding talent to achieve the effective development of human resources and reasonable configuration. The company firmly believe that an effective human resources development and management of an enterprise for sustainable development of the long-term needs, to establish streamlined and efficient, fair competition, the incentive mechanism to make progress is the company goal.

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