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What are the advantages of aluminum materials?


What are the advantages of aluminum materials?
The application of aluminum alloy in automotive industry should be early, we often hear what ferrari, porsche and so on super car adopts the whole aluminum body to lose weight, here is the so-called "full aluminium" also refers to the aluminum alloy. Why use aluminum alloy? On the one hand, reduce weight, make cars can get better power and reduce fuel consumption, on the other hand, aluminum alloy is a kind of very good recycled material, it also makes the car maintenance more convenient, of course, more environmentally friendly. Recently also have friends ask questions about the whole aluminum engine and cast iron, in the engine components, aluminum alloy and cast iron with different characteristics, cast iron is more solid, durable, liter power is greater, and the lighter aluminum alloy, a lower cost. But one thing is for sure, the future development trend of auto industry, the application of aluminum will be more and more widely, more and more, because the metal aluminum mineral deposits are very abundant, recycling and more simple, the characteristics of the alloy is becoming more and more rich, with the progress of technology, one day something completely replace aluminum alloy steel is also not impossible.

The new cayenne adopt aluminum alloy material is definitely not in order to save costs, you know, these high-end car aluminum alloy is usually used above some advanced aluminum alloy material, we are not necessarily grasp its manufacturing technology, now in the domestic many special aluminum prices even more expensive than gold. So, the building Lord if you want to buy the new cayenne, this question should be: dont worry about that. After all, porsche with aluminum alloy used for so many years in car body, it would be more with more better.

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